Since 2006 Octopus wants to propagate its unique motif everywhere, from Milan to outer space, leveraging the value of persistence and multiplying the energy of who is a part of it—by making products that are, in fact, icons.

Evangelion EVA 00 Flowing Octopus Tee


Silkscreen print
Side tab
Ribbed neckline

Season: SS24
Composition: 100% Cotton
Colour: Black

Evangelion x Octopus

Eva 00, Eva 01, Eva 02

Evangelion x Octopus  Eva 00, Eva 01, Eva 02

Eva 00, Eva 01, Eva 02: three iconic Evangelion units are featured in a new capsule collection that combines Octopus’ tentacular graphics with the science fiction of the film saga Rebuild of Evangelion, which brought the anime myth before the eyes of a new generation.

Octopus pays homage to one of the most powerful products of Japanese animation of the last half-century, a saga capable of shaping a world at once dark and wonderful, exhilarating and disturbing.

The mecha design of the giant humanoid machines created by Hideaki Anno shines on three iterations of Octopus T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and socks. All dressed in black, all with high-quality screen printing, all designed and produced in Italy. A celebratory dad hat completes the collection.

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