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Octopus x thaSup x Rick and Morty

What you didn't know you needed

Octopus x thaSup  x Rick and Morty What you didn't know you needed

Octopus Brand is proud to present its final capsule collection of 2019. And while it may be the last, it is certainly not the least. The capsule will be released on 12 December and it features not only the youngest and most innovative artist on the Italian music scene, Tha Supreme, whose debut album “23 6451 went straight to the top of the charts, but also Rick and Morty, Adult Swim’s Emmy Award-winning series that has attained cult status worldwide and has always been the inspiration for the artist’s videos. We’ve gone big yet again Rick and Morty’s highly anticipated 4th season release date draws closer.

The collab consists of 6 pieces, produced in series of 220 (only 20 of which are destined for sale), each identified with a special numbered label. Three of the pieces were inspired by Rick and Morty: the Outer Space Tee, the Outer Space Hoodie, with 3 screen-printed logos over a pattern showing the two characters aboard a spaceship – and a Long Sleeve Tee with the logos and characters printed on the sleeves.

The classic Tha Supreme Octopus Devil Hoodie has already been spotted in Milan, Rome and on social media obviously. The tentacle design was especially stylized to fit with the cartoon look of Tha Supreme’s avatar. And the horns on the hood add the finishing touch. The same design is also available as a T-shirt. Strictly purple and black of course, with a spot of white and yellow. The collection is completed with a black crewneck sweater boasting the collab logo.

All pieces will be available online from at 4 pm on 12 December and from IUTER Store Milano at 10:30 am.Octopus Brand is proud to present its final capsule collection of 2019.


In the internet age, it is all too easy to cry “miracle!” as soon as we hear something that goes beyond the comfort zone of our ears. Make the minimum effort on lyrics, approach, attitude or beats and artist X becomes “the next big thing”, the artist that will surely revolutionize the urban music scene and beyond. Since trap became an XDVR thing, three or four phenomenal talents that we are certain will raise the bar yet again emerge every year. Obviously not all of them will stand the test of time but it is still too early to tell who.



tha Supreme is a young man who has just come of age and is waking up the sleepwalkers who listen to Italian rap and thought their comfort zone was something solid and impenetrable.

In the OK BOOMER era, tha Sup is a slap in the face to the established order, simply because he is an 18-year-old living like an 18-year-old. We don’t know much about Davide – a name that many of us only discovered thanks to Marracash, who revealed the name and face of the rapper who until then had only been an avatar in one fell swoop while promoting his album – but we do know a lot about tha Supreme which, as David’s creation, tells us more about the real man than we think.

First of all, tha Supreme’s iconography is highly recognizable: the first time that we began to hear his name around the Octopus HQ, one of the first things we discussed was about how this guy’s apparent life was so different from our own, a guy that renounce to brag his image in order to explore his own world of TV series, e-sports and so on.

Davide lives outside Rome, simultaneously very far from and very close to the center of the universe, just as he is very far from and very close to the rest of the scene. He started out as a producer (or at least that’s when the big part of the rap audience first got to know him, thanks to Salmo’s Forgive Me, while 50l0 and 61tch looked like “side projects” when they came out), so it is quite normal that he is surrounded by a whirlwind of names and rappers who legitimize him and legitimize themselves by collaborating with him. But at the same time, he is a virtual avatar inspired by his virtual life, which not only references production and voice modification software but also the cartoons that have defined these years, such as Rick And Morty, a contemporary masterpiece and world that the avatar of tha Supreme seems to want to belong to, as if to say: my world is boring, give me a new one, one that you need a very high IQ to access.

23 6451 is the new album from this phenomenon - understood both as a wonderkid and inexplicable apparition. It is an album that is making history in terms of numbers and

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