Since 2006 Octopus wants to propagate its unique motif everywhere, from Milan to outer space, leveraging the value of persistence and multiplying the energy of who is a part of it—by making products that are, in fact, icons.

Octopus Horror pack

Halloween season is back scaring the shit out of you

Octopus Horror pack Halloween season is back scaring the shit out of you

Octopus Halloween edition 2022

The final addition to the Octopus Horror Pack arrives this Halloween. The limited-edition pack created to celebrate two icons of Eighties and Nineties horror films expands with the Friday the 13th hoodie in a brand new colorway.

Starring in the Horror Pack are Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, the monsters of Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. The ultimate boogeymen.


Jason was just an unlucky kid: bullied during summer camp, killed by the cruelty of other kids and adult indifference. But he survived or was reborn, or something. Either way, now he’s a big bad guy who wears a hockey mask, uses a machete to do his dirty work, and is impossible to kill. He’s also responsible for the highest body count ever seen in theaters.



Freddy had an equally unhappy childhood, but his life ended badly for a good reason: he had a certain propensity for infanticide as an adult and the parents of his victims decided to make him pay. But surprise, he didn’t totally die either and he’s back in the form of a killer nightmare. We like Freddy 'cause he’s very creative compared to other horror film killers (like if he wants to kill a superhero fan, he’ll suck them into a comic and transform into SuperFreddy) and he talks a lot too. What we’re saying is that he gives you a good show before he kills you so, you know, at least you don’t die of boredom.

The two monsters encounter the Octopus tentacle graphics in a special series of hoodies, T-shirts and accessories. The inspiration for the Nightmare pack comes directly from the original Freddy Krueger sweater used by Robert Englund, which sold in 2018 for twenty thousand bucks: the iconic stripes feature on hoodies, T-shirts, hats and socks.




The Friday the 13th pack includes a winter hoodie with a zip with custom puller (in metal, in the shape of a bloody pickaxe ...) and a hood printed with Jason’s hockey mask. The full zip runs the entire length of the hood and can be closed to hide the face of the wearer.

The other Friday the 13th hoodie depicts Jason on Crystal Lake on the front and on the back repeats the warnings issued by the old lady who tries to explain to strangers that it’s best not to go poking around the monster’s lair. This hoodie lands in a brand new colorway (white) for Halloween, exclusive to the online store.


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