Since 2006 Octopus wants to propagate its unique motif everywhere, from Milan to outer space, leveraging the value of persistence and multiplying the energy of who is a part of it—by making products that are, in fact, icons.

Octopus FW22

The new collection is here

Octopus FW22 The new collection is here

Octopus FW22

The Octopus Fall Winter 2022 collection is everywhere and the brand’s sixteenth year comes to a close with another fresh tentacle drop. New icons include the Carnivorous Pack, inspired by the lethal plants that we’re pretty sure will be moving onto human flesh sooner or later. Because let’s face it, nature’s rebellion is only just beginning. Then there’s the Censored Pack, which celebrates our irresistible fascination with anything forbidden, wrong, or kept out of sight. And some of our favorite sites and comics too, if we’re being honest.

The Fireworks Pack is a tribute to something we all love: that typically Italian obsession with fireworks of all shapes and sizes, which starts out with firecrackers in the streets as kids. The Sound Wave Pack combines tentacles, bass and electronic drums. We don’t know if music will save us from this crazy world, but it certainly makes life more enjoyable. And speaking of life lessons, the Dazzle Pack reminds us that madness and genius are two sides of the same coin, as demonstrated by an idea that had both in equal measure: the absurd camouflage pattern used by the British Navy during World War II covered ships with stripes and abstract geometric shapes instead of camouflaging them. Apparently confusing the enemy can sometimes be better than hiding.



Last but not least, the limited-edition Horror Pack was inspired by two legends of Eighties and Nineties cinema: Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, the monsters from Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. AKA The ultimate boogeymen.

In addition to all these new packs, some old favorites are back this Fall Winter 2022: classic designs like Deco and Outline, Tie-dye treatments from the Freak line, and pigment dyeing from the Dyed line as well as our classic winter garments in Sherpa fabric.


And of course, it doesn't end here and it won't end here: Octopus continues to expand beyond all expectations, beyond all control, season after season. Winter 2022 is a good start.



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