Since 2006 Octopus wants to propagate its unique motif everywhere, from Milan to outer space, leveraging the value of persistence and multiplying the energy of who is a part of it—by making products that are, in fact, icons.

Octopus x Giorgio Di Salvo

Keep celebrating the origins.

Octopus x Giorgio Di Salvo Keep celebrating the origins.

After the Rizzoli New York release of the book tracing the brand’s heritage and genesis, Octopus continues to celebrate its origins by inviting Giorgio di Salvo, the original tentacles designer, to reinterpret the iconic motif.

Octopus and Giorgio di Salvo are back together for a special limited-edition capsule collection.  Currently available as a preview from Starcow (Paris), the collection will drop at One Block Down (Milan and Rome) on March 22 and online at on March 24.

Giorgio di Salvo designed the original tentacle motif that launched Octopus back in 2006. And now he’s back with a capsule collection and a brand-new version of the iconic design.

Octopus tentacles in 90's tribal style surrounded by barbed wire, another symbol from tattoo history and a recurring theme in the work of the Milanese designer.

At Giorgio's studio (photography G. Caldara).

The drop includes a T-shirt and Hoodie in two colorways, produced in 100 numbered pieces and featuring a printed top half (like the OG Octopus). Both are designed and produced in Italy on heavyweight open-end cotton with a three-color screen print.


5th March – Starcow, 93 Rue Saint Honorè, Paris
22th March – One Block Down, Piazza Armando Diaz 2, Milano – Via Margutta 119, Roma
24th March –

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