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Octopus x Mortal Kombat

Finish Him!

Octopus x Mortal Kombat Finish Him!

Mortal Kombat, the latest film based on the legendary arcade fighting game from ‘92, has just come out in the US and will hit Italian screens on May 30, 2021. It's the third film based on the video game and it's looking to be just as wild as the first two: blood, glory, and battles to the death.

To celebrate the film's release, Octopus Brand has teamed up with Warner Bros on a limited-edition capsule collection inspired by Raiden's Fatality as well as the dualism of the eternal and ultra-violent rivalry between Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

The capsule collection includes a Hoodie, Tee, and Shorts in two colorways with a screen printed design on the lower half of the garments. Black cotton only, black-on-black PVC logo label. Made in Italy. Loose fit. Each garment is numbered from 1 to 69.

We set up a Mortal Kombat Ultimate 11 tournament on Play Station 5 from our headquarter streaming from the IlMasseo Twitch account to celebrate the collaboration.

A lot of friends came to visit us including MoabvillanMadmanDomenico FormichettiTaxi BNahazeFreddy Boy Bastard.

The capsule collection is set to be released on June the 3rd at 4pm online and at IUTER Store Milano

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