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  • Octopus Brand SS20 Lookbook

    Discover all the new gears.

    Octopus Brand SS20 Lookbook Discover all the new gears.

    New patterns, new designs and new vision for the iconic Octopus Brand tentacles, designed by Giorgio Di Salvo way back in 2005, and other classic Octopus themes, including the logo and camo print, in this fresher-than-ever Octopus Brand SS20 collection.

    Check out the Lookbook shot partly here in studio and partly at Milan's Memphis Gallery. Memphis is a collective and an artistic movement founded in the early 1980s by important names in the Milanese and global design scene, primarily Ettore Sotsass.  We had a blast shooting in this location of culture and art.

    Find out more, do your research; nobody can live on clothes alone.


    Ascii Pack
    The classic Octopus Brand tentacles are revisited with the beloved vintage ASCII code print.

    And with this shooting Madman is confirmed the most used model by Octopus Brand in history. If you follow us you know that we are fond of him.

    Freak Pack
    All our clothes are produced in Italy, except the odd accessory. This allows us to tie-dye by hand with some pretty powerful results (each Freak is different to the next). You saw the first Freak in the FW19 collection, now the SS20 Freak is here.

    The man you see above is JB Scofield, come to represent Octopus Brand all the way from the new London Grime scene. He was photographed in the “Tamarawa” ring designed by Roger Selden for Memphis Milano in 1981. We doubt you could ever have one at home, seeing as it costs about the same as 400 Octopus Brand hoodies.

    Legacy Pack
    The Legacy is an extremely simple pack but equally extreme attention has gone into every last detail. And it really has. Chenille patches, raised prints and fine details on every garment seriously raise the bar for the Octopus Brand SS20 collection.

    Octopus Camouflage Pack
    The now classic original camouflage by Octopus Brand in two new colorways. Red pill or blue pill? Both, thanks! The jacket sold out as we were writing this but we’re hoping it will be back in stock soon. For the uninitiated, the camo was created by Stefano Mariani, the designer behind the Octopus collections.

    The man you see sitting on the sofa of the Memphis Studio in Milan is Di-Meh, a serious talent from the Swiss rap scene. Go and listen to him. And while he was visiting us, he closed a track with another friend who featured in the FW19 Lookbook. Who knows which one? There were quite a few.

    Thunder & Shake
    We would never leave you without an all-over digital print. Not now, not ever. May we present Thunder and Shake respectively. Especially for the introverts among us who don't want to stand out when doing the shopping.

    The guy behind Madman is Gemello. We already made a collaboration with him. Needless to say, they were snapped up and that now is too late. Iwill show you anyway:

    Splatter Sport Pack
    A complete Octopus Brand uniform with reversible vest, shorts, jersey and total-look tracksuit, all in the pattern that made Bolla Papale fans lose their minds back in 2015.

    Logomoji Pack
    Have you noticed it's been easier to communicate in the past few years? T-Shirts and Hoodies for the good and the bad as well as those who feel torn between the two like young modern artists. For anyone who was wondering, Tha Supreme isn't involved. We designed this pack a year ago, long before collaborating with him.

    Ripper Pack
    The eagle-eyed among you will have seen Madman debut this pack on X-Factor a few months ago. Scratch and win. Front and rear screen-printed designs for this pack that is destined to remain in the collection but fly off the shelves and out of the online store.

    Flames Pack
    In general, the better the fuel and combustive are mixed together, the bluer the flame. We know you wanted this but don't fight over it. There’s enough for everybody. In theory.

    Octopus Original
    New Original colorways. The Octopus classic. The way it was designed 15 years ago by the maestro. Many more colorways available from the online store and other retailers.

    Checkered Pack
    Life is a game of chess, you decide whether to be the toy soldier, the king, or the drag queen. We don’t care. We love you the way you are. Good for you if you decide to be a player not a pawn.

    Outline Pack
    For the more refined among us.