Octopus 420 Skunk Pack

Limited Edition release!

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Only 42 of each item are going to be sold. They're numbered of course.

Every pack includes T-Shirt, Poster and Smoking Papers.

It’s time to celebrate.

Every 20 April, the whole world gets ready to celebrate a day totally devoted to cannabis. The date of the celebrations is no coincidence. It is written 420 in the Anglo-Saxon calendar and this number – part street slang, part urban legend – indicates the consumption and passion for cannabis and its derivatives in American popular culture.

Like all legends, the 420 myth has mysterious origins.

Most people maintain it was born towards the end of the psychedelic Sixties in California when a group of students from San Rafael High School discovered there was an abandoned marijuana plantation near Point Reyes, just an hour from school. They agreed to meet when school was out at 4:20 to go and find the plantation, which, unfortunately for them, they never did (oops).

The kids continued to meet every day at 4:20, heading off to their non-existent destination in an old Chevy and smoking the whole way there (or almost). It was then that they and their friends, and friends of friends, started using the number 420 as code for cannabis and before long everybody was doing it.

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We don’t know the true story behind the name but we do know that Octopus Brand is 420 friendly and has decided to celebrate with an exclusive capsule collection.

The Octopus 420 Skunk Pack consists of two T-shirts in different colourways and a hoodie. The classic design dips its tentacles into a pattern of jade-green leaves. The “Skunk Pack” is a limited edition and the pieces are numbered from 1 to 42.


Octopus 420 Skunk Pack Limited Edition release! | Image 0

Octopus Brand in no way intends to promote the illegal use of marijuana. Some states do permit the recreational use of marijuana. This is not the case in Italy. In Italy, the purchase, use and sale of this substance is punishable by law.