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    T-shirt - Purple

    Limited Edition

    Octopus teams up with Plague Labs, the Italian ROM hacker who produces absurd and extreme versions of the biggest video games and then distributes them in extremely limited editions around the world. Adored in Europe, Japan and the US, Michele “Hiki” Falcone has created two exclusive designs for Octopus.

    The 悪夢M0541C graphic is – as the name suggests – a deconstructed mosaic of illustrations taken from some of my games, which fit together like a dark nightmare where the boundaries between sex, drugs and violence blend into a single, confused psychedelic pattern.” (Plague Labs)

    Nightmare Mosaic Tee. 100% heavyweight open end cotton: durable, consistent and traditionally used in American sportswear. Screen-printed design. Octopus flag label. PVC logo.

    All garments are produced in limited edition of only 100 numbered pieces with personalized label and tag "Plague Labs x Octopus"

    $66.89 $53.51
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