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  • Octopus x Madman x Ubisoft: "Fuze Them All"

    Two Madman passions combined for a special capsule collection.

    Octopus x Madman x Ubisoft: Fuze Them All  Two Madman passions combined for a special capsule collection.

    MadMan and Octopus have always made a winning combination. In 2016, the brand curated the outfits for one of the Apulian artist’s most successful music videos: “Bolla Papale Freestyle”. In the video, MadMan wears two different Octopus Brand outfits, including the acclaimed “Splatter” pattern. And their paths have been increasingly intertwined ever since.

    The collaboration was consolidated in 2017, when the brand chose MadMan as the face of the FW 2017 collection. A couple of years later, MadMan and Octopus are back together again with a new project to celebrate not only the artist's musical career but also his great passion for video games.

    Over the years, MadMan’s creativity and presence has extended beyond the strictly musical sphere. In fact, many will know him at his most playful, in the literal sense of the term. When you think about MadMan on YouTube, it’s  not just his official music videos that come to mind, but also the countless video game tournaments he takes part in against top players.


    One game in particular: Rainbow Six.

    And that is why we decided to join forces with Ubisoft and ask MadMan to create an Octopus capsule with us, one that would really represent him.

    We came up with a sweatshirt and two T-shirts that celebrate the Rainbow Six video game and, more specifically, his favourite character from the game: Fuze - the assailant whose symbol is the APM-6 cluster charge.

    As shown by the photos taken on the set of the Calibro 9 video shot by Mauro Russo, MadMan is very happy with his capsule.

    When you go to war, the first thing you need is the right allies and we’re confident we chose the very best for this collaboration.

    The “Fuze Them All” collection will be available from April 5th on the Octopus Online Store and from IUTER Store Milan. The collection is entirely Made in Italy and available in a limited run of only 150 pieces per item.