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  • Octopus Brand SS19 1st Drop

    The 1st drop is out, check the lookbook

    • photography Dali Geralle
    • styling Silvia Vinci
    Octopus Brand SS19 1st Drop The 1st drop is out, check the lookbook

    The Octopus Brand SS19 collection is a game changer. In addition to the classic tentacles designed back in 2005, new graphic designs and new recurring elements will be introduced, bringing new variety to the collection and ensuring that the most diehard fans can diversify their wardrobe while still representing the brand.

    The first drop from the SS19 collection already contains some new pieces. First up, the Octopus Camo: the original Octopus camouflage pattern. We’ll be seeing this camo on various limited-edition pieces in the future and in orange for the second drop in January.

    Two other new patterns available in the first SS19 drop are Jaguar in two colourways (White/Yellow and Black/Blue) and Checkered, which is not only featured on the tentacles but on other new pieces such as the Checkered Logo Crewneck and socks.

    Last but not least, Video Kills is a design inspired by a TV channel that was popular in the nineties and noughties. "You'll never hear clothes in the same way again."

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