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  • Gemello X Octopus Brand

    Sold Out

    Gemello X Octopus Brand Sold Out

    Octopus Brand is proud to present the first FW17 Limited Edition in collaboration with Italian artist Andrea Ambrogio - class of ‘84 - otherwise known as Gemello, one of the original voices of legendary Roman rap collective Truceklan.



    Gemello is an all-round artist who for years has combined his tireless songwriting (his latest album Indiana was released earlier in 2017) with his work as an acclaimed visual artist, which has seen him exhibit in some of the most important European contexts.


    So cute

    In Gemello’s hands, the iconic Octopus tentacles are filled with the striking visual patterns that define his work: fragmented colours, inspiration from daily life and mimetic overlays that easily reference both the maximalist culture of Hundertwasser and the infantile instinct of Jean Debuffet, all with a strong pop attitude.


    Each piece is numbered 1 to 50.

    This special release includes four pieces: a white logo T-shirt with a digital print, the classic Octopus Tee in two colourways - a black background and a white background - and a Octopus Crewneck.

    Like all Octopus Brand limited editions, each piece is numbered 1 to 50 and will be available both at the Octopus Online Store and IUTER Store Milano at Porta Ticinese 48.


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    All Octopus Brand pieces are designed and made in Italy.